The Glen - Terms and Conditions


In the event of an emergency, you should contact Emily Tulloch on 07866 848754 or Simon Milnes on ‭07719 618983

No Smoking

Please refrain from smoking at any time in any part of the property. We reserve the right to impose an additional cleaning charge from the deposit if this request is not respected.

Fire Safety

We do not recommend that you attempt to fight a fire unless it is small and you are confident that you can contain it with no danger to yourself or other occupants. There are smoke detectors on each floor, 1 x multi-purpose fire extinguisher along with a fire blanket in the kitchen, 1 x multi-purpose fire extinguisher in the bathroom and 1 x fire blanket in the hallway cupboard. In the event of a fire, alert all occupants, leave the building immediately and assemble outside. Then call 999 and ask for Fire. The address is: The Glen, 33 Trefusis Road, Flushing, Falmouth TR11 5TZ.

Please do not burn candles in the apartment at any time. They are a serious fire hazard.


Please place bagged rubbish only in the dustbin by the back door. Refuse collection is early on a Tuesday morning, and so the dustbin should be left out on the Monday evening. Please return it to the side entrance after they have been. Since the recycling collection is every other week and we do not wish for guests to arrive to previous rubbish we do not offer recycling facilities. The nearest recycling points are located at the local supermarkets.

Heating & Hot Water

The hot water is set to come on in the morning and the evening automatically. We have recently had a huge water tank installed, so there should always be plenty of hot water! The shower outside the back door runs off the hot water system. The walk-in shower in the family bathroom is electric. Please make sure that you pull the cord (situated next to the glass shower panel) on and off again when not in use. The red light means it is on. The immersion switch is located inside the cupboard nearest the shower in the family bathroom.

The temperature will appear in the right-hand corner on all the electric radiators. PLEASE NOTE THAT PRESSING ANY OTHER BUTTONS OR CHANGING ANY OF THE PROGRAMMES MAY RESULT IN A LOSS OF HEATING. There is a fully comprehensive manual for the electric wall mounted heaters located in the kitchen. The is also a battery-operated remote control for the radiators located in the conservatory. Please put back after use.

The outside shower is designed with sandy toes, dogs, and wetsuits in mind and there is an additional pull out double clothesline to hang swimming gear on. We ask politely not to bring sand/mud into the house.


The garden is sunny with well-stocked borders and we like to keep it maintained for everyone’s enjoyment. The pocket patch of grass is normally cut on average every 10 days. Please allow access to the person coming in to mow the garden. They have keys to the back gate and garden, so will not disturb you in the house. We have a wrought iron small table and chairs for 4 and there is also a separate bench for your use. There are cushions & sheepskins in the black box by the side entrance. There is an additional rotary clothes drier for your use (in addition to the clothesline by the shower), but please take care in putting it up and folding it away. Please note that at the back of the garden is a shared path to 3 other houses. It is rarely used, but please respect it is not our property.

There are a few herbs in the garden such as mint, parsley et al, that we are happy for you to pick and use. We always welcome people if they have an urge to want to weed as some find it very therapeutic……! There is a trowel and fork in the outside WC, but it’s not compulsory 😉

Outside WC

There is a fully operational outside WC, which currently houses the electric lawn mower etc, so we haven’t advertised it as in use. If you do use it please ensure it is clean at the end of your stay.


There is a washing machine and tumble drier in the external utility. A steam iron, ironing board and washing pegs are also located here. Please remember to switch off the electricity sockets when not in use.

Household Instruction Manuals

You will find all the relevant instruction manuals for kitchen appliances, TV etc in the kitchen drawer


In the unlikely event that the power goes off, you will find the fuse box on the right-hand side in the downstairs WC. There is a torch in the hallway cupboard. Spare light bulbs & batteries are kept in the cupboard in the hallway. The reading lights in the main bedroom are chargeable battery operated and should still work.

Water Stop Cock

The location of the stop cock for the water supply is under the sink in the kitchen.


Breakages & accidents do happen – please report any back to Emily Tulloch at Then either find a replacement or provide a financial contribution for replacement if appropriate.

Neighbours & Parking

We would ask that you respect our neighbours in terms of noise and parking. You can park immediately outside the front of the house, but make sure you are tightly in, so that passing vehicles can get by without taking your wing mirror off! There are two traffic cones just inside the white side gate, should you feel the need to reserve the area for any reason. There is free parking further up Trefusis Road by the sailing club and beyond for larger cars.

Checkout day

Please vacate the house by 10.00 am at the latest on the final day of your stay to allow access for the cleaners. When you depart, please place the keys back in the key safe and ensure the numbers have been scrambled.

Our housekeeping give the property a thorough clean before the next visitors arrive, they only have a very limited time for the task, so it would be much appreciated if you could help us by observing the following guidelines:

  • Please ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked and lights are switched off
  • Please remove and dispose of all rubbish and food waste, place it in black plastic sacks and deposit it in the refuse bins.
  • Please wash up crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, and empty dishwasher. Please ensure that all these items are stored away in a clean condition.
  • Please attend to any spillages or splashing of food on the cooker, in the oven or in the refrigerator.
  • Please leave the bathrooms and toilets in reasonable condition.
  • Please strip the beds and put dirty linen in the blue IKEA bags provided on the landing.
  • Please turn all electric switches to the OFF position.

Your assistance would be much appreciated – thank you very much.


As dog owners ourselves, we really welcome your four-legged friends to The Glen, but we would respectfully remind you of the terms of booking, which are as follows:

  • Generally, we allow one dog per booking – if you want to bring any additional dogs, you must have the owner’s approval in writing before arrival.
  • Dogs are only accepted on the strict understanding that they are kept under control, exercised off the premises and are not permitted in the bedrooms or on the furniture, nor should they be left in the property unsupervised. Any damage caused will be charged.
  • If your dog fouls the garden please clear it up. Please do not allow your dog to go beyond the back garden gate.
  • Bagged waste should be deposited in one of the dog waste bins in the village – please do not leave it in the house dustbins.
  • An additional cleaning charge of £100 will be levied if these terms are not respected.
  • Please keep the outside shower area clean and the garden free of dog hair.

We would be grateful if you could respect these terms in order to ensure that we are able to continue to offer our guests the opportunity to bring their dogs to The Glen, and to preserve the property in an appropriate condition for future guests. We hope that you and your dog really enjoy your stay at The Glen!

Cancellation Policy

If your booking is cancelled 6 weeks or longer prior to your date of arrival, then a full refund will be given, less a £30 administration fee.

If your booking is cancelled less than 6 weeks prior to your date of arrival, then a discretionary refund will be given if we manage to rebook the cancelled booking.